Foster Information

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What is a Foster Home?

Foster homes provide a safe and temporary living situation for a homeless dog. A foster home allows a foster dog to recover both emotionally and physically from the stress of the dog’s previous situation. Additionally, the foster family will be able to share valuable information on the dog’s personality and demeanor, enabling us to better match him or her with a perfect forever home.

What should I expect?

The majority of the UCNY dogs come directly from the community or local shelters. A foster program is crucial as it allows us to help many more dogs and get them out of harms way. Since most of our dogs have lived a life of being chained outdoors, many will need more structure, such as crate training and basic obedience training. We find that these dogs are so appreciative for the love and attention for which they have longed, and that they actually adjust relatively quick to indoor living.

How long will I have a Foster Dog?

The time that a dog is in foster care really depends on two main factors:

  1. The time and effort a foster family puts into promoting the foster dog
  2. The condition of the dog when it enters foster care

While it may only take a couple weeks for a puppy to be adopted, a senior dog may take a little longer to find a perfect match.

Why Foster?

Being a foster family has many rewards that extend beyond simply helping an animal find a loving home. For some, it’s a chance to have an animal companion without a lifetime commitment or to try new companions for an existing pet. For others, it’s the special feeling of helping an animal that is truly in need.

While fostering is a temporary situation, it is still a commitment. Before deciding to foster a dog, we ask that you consider and understand all of the responsibilities that come with temporarily caring for a dog in need. If you have any questions about becoming a foster, please email us at