Rehoming Your Pet

Need help Rehoming a Dog?

While no one enjoys having to rehome a beloved family dog, unfortunately we realize there can arise unforeseen circumstances that might make it a necessity. We have compiled a little guide that we hope you find helpful in rehoming your pet. 

Where To Start?

First, start by asking your family members and friends and ask them to reach out to their friends as well. We recommend sending around a good photo and description described below. You would be surprised how successful you could be by just asking all the people you know and having them do the same.

Marketing Your Pet

- Photos, photos, photos! A good photo is the most important aspect in marketing your dog. Make sure you have several great shots, including one of your pup looking at the camera.

- Next, we recommend creating a bio of your dog that captures everything there is to know - personality, activeness, if your dog is house and crate trained, any training your dog might have, if your dog is good with other dogs, cats or children and any negative and/or positive traits.

- Create social media pages such as Facebook and Instagram  just for your dog and then recruit followers. Gather as many relevant hash tags as possible for your Instagram posts.

- Flyer the town with the photos and bio of your dog. Go to local pet stores, supermarkets, coffee shops, ice cream parlors, hardware stores - anywhere you can think of.

- Do a posting on - a heavily trafficked website for adoptable dogs all around the country.

- Contact local rescues to see if they will do a courtesy posting of your dog on their social media pages and websites. 

Don't Just Give Your Dog Away

It is your responsibility as the pet owner and only advocate for the pet that you place your pet in a proper, loving and caring home. We recommend that you interview prospective adopters - ask for personal references and do a home visit. if your dog is going to a house with another dog, it is also very important to ensure that both animals get along prior to rehoming your dog.

How We can help

If you have tried all of the above outlets and would like us to do a courtesy posting, please follow the link below to complete our K9 rehoming questionnaire. 


* Please note: Due to a high request volume and given that our primary focus is on advocating for the chained outdoor dogs, please understand that we might not be able to attend immediately to your request.