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Community Outreach

Our community outreach program is an intensive, hands-on program, working primarily within  low-income communities across Long Island, NY. Our community outreach volunteer team works with pet owners to  provide non-judgmental assistance in the forms of education, food, medical care and supplies to improve the lives of outdoor chained and/or neglected dogs.  By working hand and hand with pet owners we strive to bring positive, lasting change in the lives of families and their dogs. 

Rescue & Rehoming

We Rescue and Rehome dogs from the community outreach program and the various communities we service.  Additionally, we work with local municipal shelters throughout Long Island and the five boroughs to rehome dogs, helping to prevent further overcrowding or euthanasia.  Our focus is especially on taking in the dogs nobody else will, the ones who are deemed " harder to adopt" due to medical issues, advanced age, or needing behavior modification ect. We believe every dog deserves the chance to love and be loved.  Our rescue strives to put in the necessary time, resources and effort to set these dogs up for success in their forever homes.     

chained and neglected senior pit bull dog named face before and after rescue photo

Spay & Neuter Initiative

National estimates indicate that each year approximately 3 to 4 million animals who enter shelters are euthanized simply because there are not enough homes.  Unchained New York strongly advocates the spaying and neutering of all companion animals.  We work with low-income families through our spay/neuter initiatives to assist in the sterilization of their dogs, the initiative in turn, helps to reduce the pet overpopulation.   

spaying or neutering your own dog:

If you are interested in low cost spay or neutering,

 please check out these great resources.







or call Long Island Spay and Neuter in Medford, NY at


Humane Education

At Unchained New York, we believe that education is key when it comes to combating animal cruelty and neglect. Our organization is dedicated to providing humane education whether it's through our community outreach or public speaking events. We are always available to schools, organizations or any group interested in learning more about animal welfare. For more information about UCNY'S Humane Education program please contact  info@unchainednewyork.org