Chained Dogs

Life at the end of a chain isn’t much of a life.

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“Out of sight, out of mind” is all too often the life of a chained dog. These dogs are often deprived of the most basic necessities such as food, water, adequate shelter and basic veterinary care. Many of these dogs are also denied important socialization with both humans and other companion animals. Frequently these dogs become victims of extremely cruelty and neglect. Our organization sets out to change this through our proactive community outreach. We believe by providing much needed education and support we can help improve the lives of chained and/or neglected dogs.

Bringing change to those chained

The majority of chained dogs lack the most basic necessities and care. Unchained New York provides an opportunity for pet owners to utilize donated supplies and resources to improve the quality of life of their dogs. In many instances, neglect is often unintentional as owners do care about their dogs but lack the knowledge or financial means to properly care for them. Through your sponsorship we are able to provide dogs in need with supplies such as doghouses, collars, food, flea and tick preventatives and fencing.

Why not remove the dog?

Our outreach program is based in communities where it has become the norm to keep dogs outside, and this is perceived as acceptable and standard by the vast majority we encounter. We find that people are often perplexed and in disbelief when we say that our dogs sleep indoors in bed with us. It’s a different mentality completely. The bottom line is that removing a dog from this situation won’t break the cycle (unless it’s an absolutely dire circumstance, then we will try and act immediately). More often than not, it is our experience, that the dog that has been removed, will be easily and quickly replaced. And, that leaves us right where we started. So, before we take the route of removing the dog, we try and educate the owners about proper pet care. Along with the education, training and tips we provide, we also provide supplies, including insulated dog houses, lightweight tie outs, straw (in the winter for warmth), bowls, bones, toys, and food. We also will provide free spay/neuter services, along with rabies and vaccinations when this surgery is performed. We provide crates for owners who are willing to transition their dogs indoors, even if it’s just for the night. We truly and adamantly believe that we need to break the cycle in order to see any lasting change. And, removing a dog from a “bad” situation, while perhaps ideal, won’t stop it from happening again. Our work is tireless and sometimes heartbreaking, but we have been blessed with such amazing support. If you have any additional questions, such as the aforementioned, please feel free to reach out to us. We are always more than happy to discuss our philosophy and approach. Contact us at with any questions.